Blu-ray & DVD Volume 4
BD & DVD volume 4
Character in the cover Shuko Murao
Volume 4 out of 6
Distributor Toho
Time 47 minutes
Release Date December 17, 2014
Volume 3 Volume 5

The fourth of six volumes of the Ao Haru Ride anime series.


The first press edition will come with the following:

Normal benefits:

  • Compilation of the spin-off radio show Aoharadio (45 mins.) including a special compilation of one of the show’s big features, the Youth Championship
  • PAGE.8 special audio commentary
Host: Uchida Maaya (Futaba Yoshioka) & Kaji Yuki (Kou Mabuchi)
Guest: Kayano Ai (Yuri Makita)
  • Special booklet



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