Episode 8
Air Date August 25, 2014
Season 1
Episode 8
Episode 7 Episode 9

Episode 8 of the Ao Haru Ride anime series titled as "PAGE.8"


Futaba finally is able to work up the courage to tell Yuuri and Murao how she feels about Kou; in turn, Murao admits she is in love with their teacher, Mr. Tanaka. On the way home, Futaba encounters Kou and follows him downtown to see him meet up with a group of teenagers. Kou also tells Futaba that it's dangerous to be out at night because she can be assaulted. He gets on top of her and appears to kiss her but actually filcks her forehead.


In order of appearance:

Adapted ChaptersEdit



  • A lip gloss which Yuri used is called "Essence A" which is collaboration of ettusais and Ao Haru Ride anime.
  • The CD Yuuri lent from Kou is Dave Matthews Band album.


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