Episode 9
Air Date September 1, 2014
Season 1
Episode 9
Episode 8 Episode 10

Episode 9 of the Ao Haru Ride anime series titled as "PAGE.9"


Futaba becomes worried about Kou after he says that caring for things is a lot of trouble. As she tells Yuri about his words, Shuuko comes up and tells them that Kou has failed his midterms. Worried about Kou's future, Futaba, along with Yuuri, Shuuko, and Aya Kominato, invades Kou's home and prepares a study session so he will not fail finals as well.


In order of appearance:

Adapted ChaptersEdit



  • A lip gloss which Futaba used is called "Essence A" which is collaboration of ettusais and Ao Haru Ride anime.
  • The CD Yuri lent from Kou is Dave Matthews Band album.


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