Father Tanaka
Father Tanaka Anime
Gender Male
Personal Status
Relatives Ex-wife (deceased)
Yoichi Tanaka (son)
Kou Mabuchi (son)
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 14
Anime Debut Episode 12
Japanese Voice Hideyuki Tanaka

Kou and Youichi's father.


When Kou and Father Tanaka met each other in the kitchen, Its been such a long time , they stared at each other for a while. After Kou says "Welcome back" without any facial expression, Father Tanaka says " I see..." and rubs Kou's hair also saying he appreciates the welcome.

When they were about to eat dinner, Yoichi Tanaka cries and then later explaining that when this day came he thought he would smile but he is a bad brother. Kou explains why he didn't come eat dinner with them, questioning whether eating with them without their mother was ok, or doing anything without their mom. Then Father Tanaka reassured them that their mother was not petty like that, which made Kou and Tanaka think back of their mom and how nice she was. When Tanaka is still wiping his tears and Kou looking at his bowl, Father Tanaka broke the silence again saying that the dinner was delicious. Then Tanaka happily gestured his dad to get seconds and encouraged Kou to eat a lot.

When Kou mentioned his last name and why he didn't change it back, Tanaka understood that Kou was in the middle of high school and changing his last name suddenly would make it complicated. But Father Tanaka understood why Kou really didn't want to change his last name and comforted Kou that he could change it back if he finished sorting all his feelings out.

He also told Tanaka and Kou that even though their last names differ, it doesn't change the fact that they are still a family.

Personality Edit

Father Tanaka as a person seems rather quiet and calm just like Kou. As a dad, he seems understanding and reassuring and doesn't see Kou as a non family member


Mabuchi Kou(Tanaka Kou before) is his youngest son, while Yoichi Tanaka is his oldest son who is a teacher and the one who stayed with him when he and his wife divorced.