On the way to the leaders camp
Drama cd cover
Distributor Shueisha
Time 42 minutes
Release Date May 23, 2014

On the way to the leaders camp is the drama cd of the Ao Haru Ride manga series. Album was released on May 23, 2014 by Shueisha with limited editon of volume 10.



Track 1 (5:56)
Track 2 (4:20)
Track 3 (4:06)
Track 4 (2:21)
Track 5 (5:11)
Track 6 (3:21)
Track 7 (3:16)

Bonus tracks

Track 8 キャストトーク 内田真礼×梶裕貴 (8:34)
Kyasuto tōku/Cast talk Uchida Maaya×Kaji Yuuki
Track 9 キャストコメント 茅野愛衣, 小松未可子, KENN, 平川大輔 (4:58)
Kyasuto komento/Cast Comments Kayano Ai, Komatsu Mikako, KENN, Hirakawa Daisuke



What happen when Futaba and Kou miss their train for leaders camp...


  • Story containing original story written by Sakisaka Io

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